The recruitment process

Initially, the recruiter, together with the customer, compiles a requirements specification to call in exactly what require for the position.

We write the advertisement; the recruiter published describing both the person applying and the position to be filled. Selection work and search start to find and attract exciting candidates.

The recruiter then holds telephone interviews with the current candidates and in-depth interviews of matching final candidates.

Selected performing tests to identify relevant facts. For example, job style, candidates’ level of motivation, behavior, or logical, analytical ability.

The candidates who seem to match the best present to the customer via CV.

The recruiter is now finally requesting references from the final candidates. We carry out Background checks adapted to the current service.

The customer can then choose whether they want to hire or hire the person we present. One month after employment/hiring, the recruiter who handled the process follows up on results and the result’s experience, and the recruitment process itself. Both with the customer in question and its now new employees.

Recruiting the right candidate is both a challenging and time-consuming task. With our help, you avoid the complex work and get more time for the core business. In addition, our expertise and experience also entails higher accuracy as well as less risk of incorrect recruitment. We will make sure that you have the right people in place in full, both today and when the need arises later in the future.

From the first of January 2021, foreign workers working in Sweden will be taxable here. You risk having to pay taxes and social security contributions if you hire a foreign company that does not have Swedish F-tax and does not tax for its employees in Sweden.

We have a package offer where we either provide our own staff or take over the employer responsibility for your current staff. We arrange ID06, Fora insurance, Coordination number, tax and social security contributions for the employees.

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