The right person in the right place is often crucial to a company's success, but it is seldom that simple in practice. Staffing is also a perfect opportunity for job seekers who want a way into the market and a safe and flexible employment form.
Do you need to strengthen your workforce with wait staff and knowledgeable chefs?

Staffing the restaurant industry.

Recruitment work never seems to be as complicated as today, and many industries experience significant problems due to a lack of skills. It is merely a great challenge to find and attract the right workforce, and the restaurant industry is, unfortunately, no exception. Through our staffing, you get quick and easy access to professional staff, both emergency and long-term. We offer countless benefits through a secure and stable collaboration. 

Fierce competition for the best in the industry

The restaurant industry is an area that is in constant motion, and the expansion is accelerating. Something that periodically results in staff shortages. As more restaurants open up, the competition for the best employees also intensifies. With a vast network of contacts combined with our long experience in staffing, we can help you with your recruitment. Based on your needs, we are actively looking for chefs and serving staff with the complementary skills you need. 

Recruitment requires time, knowledge, and commitment. The possibility of hiring staff is both facilitating and financially advantageous.
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Staffing - A safe and flexible form of employment

You do not have to spend your energy on the time-consuming hiring process and avoid the worry of costly mis-recruitment. In addition, you only pay on an ongoing basis for the working hours you need extra staff and can thus tighten the fixed costs.