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Stockholm may be Sweden's largest city, but that does not mean that it is easy to find the right people for the services you need for your company. That's where we come in as staffing company Stockholm. 

We at Workforce specialize in reaching out to those who are best suited to work for you. Reaching a lot of people with a job ad is easy, but reaching the right people is what's most important. We are not just any staffing company, but have specialized in the industries we operate in and have therefore been able to build up a large contact network across Europe and know where to look to find the right person for the right job.

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Save time and money when hiring

Instead of spending hours or sometimes entire working days reading through loads of CVs, calling, emailing and holding interviews with potential candidates, you can instead save time by letting us take care of it.

We have special recruitment processes that make it easy for us to find the best fit for the position you are looking for. We specialize our search and have tests that not only measure the skills of the applicants, but also so that the social pieces are in place and that they have the required motivation. Then we have a ready-made candidate that we can present to you. After that, of course, it's up to you if it's right anyway, you always have the last word and we work together with you to fill the position in the best possible way and with the right candidate. One month after the position has been appointed, we follow up with both you and the employee how things have gone and if any further action is needed to ensure that everything works well. We are not only working to solve a temporary problem with a lack of manpower, but so that you will also have a well-adjusted colleague in the future who will continue to contribute to your company.

It also means that your actual business will not suffer in the event of a new recruitment, but can, on the contrary, continue as usual. It also makes it easier for a new employee to get into the work if you can focus on making it work as usual despite a recruitment process.

We make it smooth with foreign labor as well

If the right person for your company is currently living abroad, we will help arrange ID06 and that they can get a Swedish social security number as soon as possible. We also ensure that all our staff have a collective agreement. We have a special package for foreign workers that makes it as smooth as possible for you. There are simply plenty of reasons to apply to us, we are a complete staffing company in Stockholm that provides comprehensive solutions.

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