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That it can be difficult to find good labor is something all employers are aware of. That's where we come in. We are a staffing company in Malmö that has a good grasp of the local labor market and lots of people in our system who are already registered and looking for work. This means that when you entrust us with a position to fill, we can quickly reach out to exactly the right people. Our contact network does not only extend within Malmö, but all over Europe, and should it turn out that the perfect job position for you is in another location or even abroad, we also offer a flexible solution for the logistics.

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Focus on your business instead of recruitment

As you are probably aware, it can sometimes take many hours, or even days, to find new staff. Time that you would have preferred to spend on other and more urgent tasks. Avoid spending time reading through loads of personal letters, CVs and talking on the phone with potential candidates and leave your recruitment to us instead. We have a wide contact network with people who are looking for a job and can quickly reach out to exactly the right people who are most suitable for your specific needs.

Taking help from us in the recruitment process is something you benefit from both in the short and long term. While you focus on your actual business, we can handle the search and recruiting for you. When we have found a suitable candidate, we present him to you and you can then decide if he is a suitable person for the job. If you choose to go ahead with the one we present to you, we will help with the practicalities of a new recruitment but also follow up with both you and the new employee after a month to see if there is anything else we need to help you with.

Even if it were a shorter project you need people for, of course we can also help with that, we have many in our contact network who are interested in monthly employment as well and not just permanent positions. You can also leave the personnel management of such projects entirely to us so that you can relax and focus on running the rest of your business as usual.

We make it smooth with foreign labor as well

If the right person for your company is currently living abroad, we will help arrange ID06, we also make sure that all our staff have a collective agreement and so that they can get a Swedish social security number as soon as possible. We have a special package for foreign workers that makes it as smooth as possible for you.

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