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Expanding your search for qualified employees outside Sweden's borders brings a range of opportunities and advantages. For example, recruiting foreign craftsmen can lead to the exploration of new perspectives and knowledge of other markets for your company.

The foreign employees' general rights and obligations are the same as for any of your Swedish employees. This means that your foreign employee must be treated exactly the same as all Swedish employees.

Having said that, there are some important rules that you should be aware of when choosing to hire foreign tradesmen. And in general, you should help your foreign employee as much as possible when it comes to important registrations such as residence and work permits or tax, insurance or housing information.

You should consider this when hiring foreign craftsmen

It is not easy to start implementing a new process within your company, and this also applies to the recruitment of foreign employees. Below you will find a few paragraphs about what you as a Swedish employer should think about before you recruit foreign craftsmen:

Residence and work permits

Depending on the foreign employee's citizenship and the length of his or her stay in Sweden, it may be necessary to apply for a residence and work permit before arrival. In most cases, you as an employer must also fill in the relevant sections of the application form. Fortunately, at WorkForce we take care of all this so that you receive clear instructions on what will be required of you as the employer of a foreign craftsman.

Our role in it all

We have successfully filled jobs in Sweden in various industries, and have connected Swedish employers with trade talent from around the globe. So we can help you hire the best talent on the planet. When you need just the right person to design, install, sell, train, operate, maintain or manage anywhere in Sweden, we know how to find the best talent in the world!

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Foreign craftsmen: we believe in networking

We at WorkForce offer our clients the unique opportunity to share our networks and connect with our candidate pools worldwide to provide one of the most comprehensive services in staffing. This gives us enormous additional resources to provide the best possible selection of candidates to our clients and an incredible number of additional opportunities for overseas candidates.

The advantage of foreign labor

Some companies want to hire international workers due to need, while others are trying to improve or expand their business. Regardless of the reason, there are many benefits to hiring international labor, and while the process of hiring foreign tradespeople is not without its challenges, most employers find it worth their time and effort to do so.

Below we have stated four advantages of employing foreign craftsmen, whether permanent or temporary immigrants. If you have any questions about your specific hiring needs, we offer free consultations – just fill out the form here to get started.

  1. Fill positions where there is a shortage of highly qualified Swedish craftsmen

It is no secret that Sweden has a major shortage of highly qualified workers in many fields. If you have problems finding qualified craftsmen in Sweden for the roles you need to fill in your company, there are well-established opportunities to employ foreign craftsmen instead.

  1. Language and foreign knowledge

If you want to conduct global operations, you need employees who speak the language and know the markets. Your best option may be to hire someone from the market where you want to operate your business so you know you're getting someone who will be able to communicate effectively and will understand the cultural nuances that can make or break a business trying to establish itself in a foreign labor market.

  1. Creativity and perspective

When you have a homogenous workforce of employees who all come from the same background, sometimes creativity in your company can be stifled. Hiring foreign craftsmen connects you and your Swedish team to people with different creative perspectives because they come from completely different places with completely different customs and habits. The mix of ideas and perspectives from different cultures is the best possible recipe for creativity and innovation that can take your business to new heights. In many countries, other crafts are also prioritized, which means that there are many more craftsmen in that country with a specific knowledge that we in Sweden may actually lack.

  1. Rich workplace culture

Not only does an international workforce lead to more creativity and productivity in the workplace, but it also helps build a rich and more fulfilling workplace culture for all employees within your company.

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Foreign craftsmen via WorkForce

You should always hire the best person or team for the job. This often requires you to call on exceptional international talent. We at WorkForce can help you get these people – no matter where they are in the world or where they come from – onto your team in hours or days.

Traditionally, hiring someone in another country has to go through a rather complicated process. We already have our own job candidates in many countries around the world, so you don't have to spend months – or even a year – working with lawyers, banks and other advisors to get international talent up and running in your business. With us, it's only a few days. Once you have found a candidate to hire, our team will handle the hiring process in accordance with both Swedish and local mandates.

Not only will your foreign employees get to work faster than it would normally take, but you won't have to deal with any of the legal, tax or human resources issues that come with hiring foreign craftsmen.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you connect your business to valuable foreign talent within hours or days!

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