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The machinery used in production is not only a significant investment in physical assets, but also a critical component of day-to-day operations. Ensuring that these machines are operated by qualified and skilled personnel is important to reduce risk and increase production. The specialized recruitment that we at Workforce apply helps companies and organizations to hire and find machine operation and assembly personnel all over Sweden.

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Mechanical engineers work with large production machines, usually in factories. The monitors machine performance and maintenance and repairs technical equipment and other industrial machinery, such as transport systems, production machinery and packaging equipment. Some related technical job titles we staff for also include Field Service Technician, Industrial Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Mechanic, Press Mechanic Maintenance Technician, and Maintenance Repairman.


Mechanical technician: great responsibility, the right skills

Mechanical technicians maintain technical and mechanical equipment according to industry standards, reduce unplanned downtime and install technical components according to the manufacturer's specifications. During the work Mechanical technicians work with complex technical instruments and use various skill-demanding tools, i.a. mechanical equipment, motors, pumps, piping, pneumatic tools and equipment, conveying systems and process machinery and equipment specific to the paper recycling and manufacturing industry.

We at Workforce staffing are dedicated to finding the right employees for your business. We consider how important it is to have the right skills and the right personal profile when it comes to future employees in technical positions and therefore interview all candidates in depth to ensure that the selected machine technician meets all the needs of your business.

Today, many industries experience difficulties in finding and attracting personnel with the right professional skills for their existing needs.
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This is how we help you with staffing for machine technicians

The hiring process is time-consuming, especially when it comes to unexpected vacancies and new positions. Even if you prepare for a need for new hires, unexpected complications can lead to vacancies that need to be filled as quickly as possible. With a professional, experienced staffing agency, you can find suitable employees faster than if you are looking on the job market yourself.

Finding the right employee for a job is becoming increasingly difficult. In today's economy, there are more jobs that require a specific qualification than competent job seekers. This is where staffing agencies like Workforce come in. They connect you with potential job candidates by providing them with additional information about your company.

At Workforce, we are passionate about connect technical talent with business throughout Sweden. We have a large pool of candidates who have the education and experience required to perform an excellent job in the manufacturing and production industry. The manufacturing industry has dramatically evolved and diversified, and so have our manufacturing recruiters. While our commitment to excellence has remained the same since the beginning, we recognize that times have changed and manufacturing companies are looking for a different skill set to take them to the next level.



We always deliver the highest possible quality and commitment to our work in the staffing and recruitment market.



We are very quick to respond to your questions and needs. Our clients receive their first shortlist of the best candidates in just a few working days.



Work is a very important part of our lives, so we are proud to have helped hundreds of tech talent find the right job.

As experts in technical staffing at all levels - from temporary and part-time to full-time jobs - we can help find the skilled machine technicians your business needs to run efficiently.

If you want to hire skilled machine technicians for temporary and permanent positions, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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