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Staffing challenges, especially in the healthcare industry, have become much more complex as healthcare facilities, government agencies, schools, prisons and other organizations have a growing need for qualified healthcare professionals. At the same time, employees seek more flexibility and control over their careers. 

We therefore offer a flexible work solution for the employer while meeting the employee's needs with our innovative approach to recruitment in healthcare and finds the best candidates for both private and public healthcare.

Are you looking for staffing in care?

We are one of the leading recruitment companies in healthcare across the country. Our remit extends to all graduate levels in various fields, including surgical and medical departments, oncology, paediatrics, radiography, fertility, midwifery or clinical research. 


We are specialists in staffing within: 

Today, many industries experience difficulties in finding and attracting personnel with the right professional skills for their existing needs.

Health care centers

We have a nationwide presence and find the right employees for a variety of roles, including healthcare professionals, nursing staff, unit managers or regional managers. Our healthcare department has experienced and knowledgeable recruitment consultants who understand the healthcare industry.


Mental health organizations

We are a trusted recruitment partner to many mental health organisations, hospitals and homes, in both the public and private sectors.

International recruitment

We have an excellent history of international recruitment. This is a process that involves a team of multilingual consultants who meet and interview foreign candidates and market our Swedish clients abroad to fill their vacant specialist positions.

Community care

We also work with a number of health organizations to provide health care professionals within the community as needed. These include hospitals and primary care, local authorities, charities, case management companies and voluntary organisations. We fully understand the importance of the role of healthcare professionals in preventing disease and educating patients and family members about health promotion.
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This is how we help you with staffing care and care

As a staffing agency with many years of experience in healthcare, we specialize in placing nurses and other healthcare personnel in the healthcare sector. 


Services for medical personnel 

From full-time day shifts to temporary employment, we at Workforce find nurses and other healthcare professionals with a variety of skills, training and specializations. If there is a need for an employee in a specialist unit within a hospital, doctor's office, school, long-term facility or clinic, we can find and recruit suitable staff. 

Support and support 

We also understand the importance of meeting the unique and complex staffing challenges healthcare professionals face and staff support staff in the healthcare sector: medical receptionists, medical secretaries, medical assistants, call center staff and others. 


The right talent for healthcare 

We understand that looking for quality staff is important to your organization. Hiring the right candidates can be challenging, especially with limited resources. That's where we come in. With our dedicated team, we help you find talent that fits your needs. 


Our clients 

We find and recruit suitable employees quickly as we are convinced that a good partnership can only be built on long-term business relationships. Therefore, we must understand exactly which employees are needed in a healthcare organization to offer our clients the best possible service. 

This is also the reason why we specialize in only a few industries. We need to know the relevant industry in order to really work in and with it. Find out more about our areas of specialization by contact us today!

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A recruitment process is demanding and it requires both competence and experience to master it effectively and with good results.