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A staffing agency can save your business time and money and find well-qualified candidates for you. A staffing agency acts as an intermediary between employers and employees and helps match qualified candidates with companies with vacancies. If your company needs additional manpower, it is therefore a good idea for you to hire a staffing agency such as WorkForce.

Finding qualified talent is a big challenge for many small businesses. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries all take valuable time away from a business owner's existing obligations, which can harm the business in the long run. This is why some employers cooperate with staffing companies, which search for suitable candidates for Swedish companies who can instead dedicate themselves to expanding their business.​

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Recruitment company that offers cost-effective staffing

We at WorkForce recruit the right employees for Swedish companies. When you need new staff and choose to work with us, the process usually goes like this:

  • First, you contact us and specify information such as the number of employees needed, the timeline for hiring new employees, and the wage rate.

  • WorkForce creates the job description and advertises it. We can also reach out to potential candidates individually if the candidate is a good fit for the job.

  • We search for the right person: When candidates start applying for the open position, the staffing agency reviews their experience and qualifications before we schedule and conduct interviews. We then select the most qualified people to present to the hiring manager in your company.

  • The employer – meaning you – makes the final decision. The hiring manager or business owner will interview the staffing agency's selection before making the final hiring decision. This saves you and your employees hours that you would otherwise spend sorting through countless applicants.

  • WorkForce also takes care of the paperwork. Most agencies handle all the paperwork associated with new hires, such as contracts, taxes and other payroll information.

What can a staffing agency do for you?

In today's situation, when employers are increasingly turning to part-time, freelance and temporary employees to fill their labor gaps, staffing agencies have become a valuable resource for finding that talent quickly and efficiently. The following is just some of the many benefits that the right staffing agency can offer your company:

Quick employment

The job market has changed significantly in recent years and the hiring process is longer and more difficult than in previous years. The right employees become harder to find, and it becomes extremely time-consuming for managers to review resumes and conduct interviews, while still being responsible for their day-to-day operations. Turning to a trusted staffing partner such as WorkForce can therefore save your company both time and money. A staffing company can recruit the right employees to ensure that the manager always only interviews candidates who are suitable for the role.


Many companies hold back on hiring full-time employees for several reasons. Many Swedish companies try to be more productive and only hire workers when they are needed. They need to find ways to make sure that every penny they spend will help the business, and temporary staffing makes it possible to hire only the right people when they are needed.”

Swedish employers have come to realize the value of having an interchangeable workforce that can be dynamically adjusted to meet their employment needs on an ongoing basis. The flexibility of using a staffing agency in recruiting staff has become the number one reason for having a workforce that can adapt to the client's business needs.

Reduced risk

There are many legal responsibilities that come with being an employer, such as covering certain taxes, providing insurance coverage and complying with labor laws. From a financial and operational point of view, the hiring process also comes with financial risks, especially if someone has to be fired or leaves unexpectedly. When you use a staffing agency, the agency takes on many of these challenges for you.

A staffing agency can therefore save you time by quickly identifying candidates, offering flexible temporary staffing arrangements and reducing the potential legal risks if an employee has to leave their position.

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Recruitment for companies in Stockholm

We are happy to recruit new staff for your company in Stockholm. If the agency does not already have a suitable candidate for an open role in mind, we will usually advertise the position immediately. After this we will conduct interviews and do a background check if necessary for you, just like any other employer would. Once the right candidate is found, that person is hired as a WorkForce employee. The worker's paycheck and benefits, if offered, are issued by us, but the length of employment is determined by the client.

WorkForce helps fill temporary positions, hires and direct hires by matching existing candidates who are a good fit for the role or advertising for qualified job seekers.

WorkForce as a recruitment company

We are a Swedish recruitment agency that specializes in headhunting and helps companies recruit the people they need in Sweden. We find a wide range of candidates in various industries, from sales staff to country managers, marketing managers, IT professionals and others.

Our recruitment company also understands the cultural differences between Sweden and other countries and helps you recruit the right foreign employees with whom you can develop your Swedish company.

In addition to being one of Sweden's most experienced recruitment agencies, we also help owners of medium-sized Swedish companies who want to find buyers. Finally, we also help companies that want to find a Swedish distributor to get in touch with those who are interested in trying new products.

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We work in construction, IT, restaurants, industry, transport and much more

We are one of the leading recruitment companies in Stockholm and believe we have earned our reputation for never standing still and constantly asking ourselves "what can we do better?"

Constantly striving to improve our service to both our clients and candidates, we are now proud to be able to include the following services in our range:

  • Advising and writing relevant job descriptions for all positions with detailed salary advice supported by actual market data

  • Provide personnel advisory services

  • Provide interviews and training

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Contact our recruitment company today

Don't hesitate to contact us at WorkForce today to find out what we can do for your business and help it grow. We find, interview and recruit the right employees for you, regardless of the industry you work in or what your personnel needs are. We also specialize in the recruitment of foreign labour, including foreign craftsmen and workers in the construction sector.