Staffing in Restaurant

The right person in the right place is often decisive for a company's success, but in practice it is rarely that simple. Staffing is also a very good opportunity for jobseekers who want a way into the market and a safe and flexible form of employment.
Do you need to augment your workforce with wait staff and skilled chefs?

Staffing the restaurant industry

Recruitment and staffing have never been as challenging as they are today for many restaurants. 

We help you to quickly and easily get access to professional staff both urgently and long-term. 


Fierce competition for the best in the industry

With the current skills shortage in the restaurant industry, there is tough competition for staff today.

Staffing with staff from other countries is a simple and effective way to get access to staff with the right skills and experience. All of the staff we provide have previous documented experience and many of them have previously worked abroad.  

Recruitment takes up a lot of time and energy. The possibility of hiring staff is both time-saving and economical.
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Staffing in restaurants

Just like buying the perfect ingredients for today's menu, finding the right staff for your restaurant, hotel or event can take time. But imagine if there was a quick and efficient solution to your problem! And that is exactly why we exist.

We at WorkForce can help you with everything in restaurant staffing - from setting up a plan that suits your restaurant to finding knowledgeable, qualified employees who meet all your requirements. Contact us today!

Are you looking for staffing in a restaurant?

We can help find the right staff. This is how we proceed. Together with the customer, we carry out a needs analysis to call in what kind of staff is needed and what skills they should possess.   

How we find the right restaurant staff

Based on the needs analysis, we search for the personnel that suit the customer's needs and operations in our networks. Over the years, we have built up a large network and today talented personnel are looking to us for the opportunity to come and work in Sweden. Once suitable candidates have been identified, the client is involved in the final selection process. This is to ensure that the candidates are suitable and that there is already a functioning dialogue between the customer and the future staff. 

What happens next

As soon as the selection is made, we take care of the administrative work. We negotiate the salary, write employment contracts, arrange a Swedish coordination number, arrange the trip to Sweden. During employment, we are the ones who pay out the staff's salaries, pay in taxes and social security contributions.  

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What do our existing customers look like?

Our customers are restaurants that are usually located outside the metropolitan regions. Many are restaurants that need staffing up during high season, or need someone to take a position during a short temporary period. We also have long-term collaborations that span several years, where we have all or parts of the staff in the restaurant employed by us.

Advantages of hiring staff

• Time saving, as the entire recruitment process is outsourced to us

• Guaranteed qualified staff 

• Temporary contracted staff, with a fixed start and end date, which creates predictability. 

• Flexible staff who want to work as much as possible and have few requests for extra time off  

• Reduced administration, as we handle salary payments and tax payments 

• Economically beneficial through reduced personnel costs and administration costs


We are always there to help and support both our customers and staff. As a customer, you have a contact person with us with extensive experience in the industry. That person is familiar with your restaurant and maintains a continuous dialogue with our staff on site. A contact person is available in case of emergency situations or to discuss different solutions. We want to help our customers run their restaurants as well as possible. 

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Staffing - A safe and flexible form of employment

You don't have to devote your energy to the time-consuming hiring process and avoid worrying about costly wrong recruitments. In addition, you pay on an ongoing basis only for the working hours you need extra staff and can thus tighten the fixed costs.