The advantages of hiring us are many:

We at Workforce exist to help you make the right recruitments for your company. The industries we specialize in are construction, restaurants, cleaning, storage and transport. After a long time in the industry, we are well aware of the requirements for each industry in order to find matching candidates.

We can also offer hiring of our own staff and outsourcing of your employees where we take full employer responsibility. Of course, we always offer "try on" employment/letting. In this way, both you and the potential employee get the opportunity to feel whether the collaboration feels right before permanent employment.

We offer you a first-class recruitment process. We have both the right knowledge and a broad network throughout Europe, which gives you security that we will find the right candidate. Our offices are in Tallinn, Riga and Sofia. Furthermore, our processes are efficient and we only present the best candidates the market has to offer. Through our help with recruitment, you don't have to spend time and effort on finding the right staff. Instead, you get the opportunity to focus entirely on the core business and the profitable work of your business.