Foreign labor in the construction industry

A skilled worker is a person with a specific competence as a result of education and knowledge. Obtaining a specific skill is a tough task – therefore it is not surprising that there is a great demand for qualified workers in the Swedish labor market and that many Swedish employers choose to hire foreign labor in the construction industry.

Advantages of foreign labor in the construction industry

Foreign labor is often cheaper than Swedish labor

There are comparatively more job opportunities in economically stronger countries such as Sweden, and these opportunities attract competent foreign workers who often demand less compensation for their work than Swedish ones.

Educated and experienced potential workers to choose from

The baby boomer generation is gradually retiring. As a result, baby boomers' former jobs remain vacant due to a lack of experience in the current generation.

This reinforces the demand for skilled work in various fields, including the construction industry. This demand has grown at an enormous rate over the decade. As a result, Swedish employers look forward to being able to hire skilled labor from different countries.

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Unfilled positions can be filled with foreign workers

There is a great demand for skilled labor in construction. But in Sweden, for economic reasons, there are so many job opportunities that many Swedes do not choose to apply for certain manual jobs, which is not the case in some other countries where construction work has a higher status on the job market.

Working in remote regions is another thing that people try to stay away from. This is due to the lack of modern technology and facilities in the area. Thus, many Swedish companies choose foreign talent to complete these jobs.

Many foreign workers strive to be able to live in Sweden

Many foreign workers have immigrated to Sweden to be better off financially, which makes them willing and driven in their work for a Swedish company as they consider their work as a mission, or even a kind of blessing. This can lead to high work ethic and jobs well done. Contact us to find out how you too can employ qualified foreign labor in the construction industry.

Cultural diversity means a lot in business and foreign workers are the link

Employers who want to expand their reach by expanding to other countries must have a good network of contacts in the chosen country. They also learn about the foreign market. Therefore, employing foreign workers can provide an insight into the construction industry and its stage of development.

In addition, this also helps in cultural understanding and better representation of oneself in another market. After all, having extra in-house help always proves beneficial.

Are you looking for foreign labor in the construction industry?

WorkForce is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Sweden for foreign labor in the construction industry. Through WorkForce, you have the chance to hire talented foreign construction workers from our pool of candidates. We have knowledge of the market and know where and how to find the most suitable candidates.

WorkForce works with foreign staffing in the construction industry

Foreign staff gives you direct access to foreign labor markets. All construction workers we recruit for you have the appropriate qualifications, work experience and references. Translations of their documentation can be made available if needed.

Rules for foreign labor in the construction sector

The construction industry currently needs foreign labor to fulfill its main mission, but not all staffing companies in Sweden that recruit foreign labor respect Swedish laws and labor regulations. According to a new law, all construction workers who establish themselves in Sweden and all who work more than 45 days in the country in a year must pay tax here, i.e. not in their home country. However, the same conditions apply to social insurance and employer contributions as in the case of Swedish construction workers, according to a new law that came into force at the beginning of 2021.

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