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Being a job seeker today is tough. The competition is higher than ever and sometimes it feels like employers have almost impossible requirements for experience to meet and if you don't have contacts who are already in the labor market, it can feel hopeless. This is precisely why it is a good idea to apply to a recruitment company that has a good grasp of Gothenburg. We have a network of contacts that stretches far and we see you for what your qualities and merits are and not just according to what you can put in your CV. We will introduce you directly to an employer when we have found a suitable position for you and you will avoid being one of a hundred emails in an inbox that in the end are not even answered. When you then collect the work, we will contact you after a month to see if there is anything more we can do to help you.

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Your security is priority one

If you are employed through us, you of course have a collective agreement and you can feel confident that you will have good conditions regardless of where you end up. The most important thing is that you show your competence and willingness, then we make sure that you are valued at your workplace for who you are. When you register in our system, we have the opportunity to quickly and easily see where you would fit in, and so you get the opportunity to get both shorter project employment and permanent employment if that is what you are looking for. So whether you are in Gothenburg for a few months or are a permanent resident here, we are a recruitment company for you.

Let us be your contact network

With our help, you will come into contact with employers throughout the county, but also in other cities if you are interested in working elsewhere. We are established throughout Europe and are very used to helping with the bureaucratic and logistical aspects of moving newly hired personnel.

These days, most employers take the help of staffing companies in the recruitment process in order to find a suitable candidate. Therefore, an introduction from us is worth more than if it comes in another way. Instead of sending your CV around and writing personal letters to lots of companies and hoping that you have what they are looking for, it is enough for you to do it to us and we will help you meet the right employer directly.

It is not only for the companies that staffing and recruitment companies mean a great advantage, but also for the job seeker, as it means that you only need to make a single application to reach out to all applicants. Take the chance with us and let us build your future together with you.

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