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It's a tough time to be a job seeker, with a lot of competition and employers looking for people with almost impossibly long experience or other qualifications, it can sometimes feel hopeless even before you start sending your CV around to companies. We at Workforce are an established recruitment company in Malmö and with our help you will not have to worry about such things but can easily reach the right workplace directly instead. We see you for your merits and qualities instead of who you happen to know from before and introduce you directly to employers instead of you having to hope they read your email. When you are then employed, we help with everything at the beginning and also get back to you after a month to see if there is anything else we can help with.

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Your job security is important to us

All our employees have a collective agreement and you can always feel confident that you will have good and dignified conditions regardless of where you end up. We make sure that you are valued for who you are, even if you are new to the workplace and not quite warm in your clothes yet. When you register in our system, together we get a good overview of what you can and want to work with and can find the right employer for you right away. Regardless of whether you want longer or shorter employment, we have solutions for you, so regardless of whether you are temporarily in Malmö or if you are a permanent resident here, we are the right recruitment company for you.

We expand your contact network

Regardless of whether you want to work in Malmö or other parts of Sweden, we have established contact networks that stretch far for those of you who are keen to work elsewhere. With our wide contact network, we can also help you if you are interested in working in other parts of Europe.

More and more employers today use recruitment companies to get help throughout the process of finding and hiring staff. An introduction from us is worth more than an email in the crowd when you send your application because we have made sure that you are the right fit based on their needs. Instead of having to search around and search for lots of jobs yourself, you can just apply to us and we will help you reach out directly to the places that are important for you to reach out to.

It is not only employers who benefit from recruitment and staffing companies, but it also makes it easier for you who are looking for a job by only having to apply to one place and we will help you on to the right workplace. Together we build your future, and give you contacts and experiences that can change your life forever. We help you find the right one.

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