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With a deep understanding of today's trends in staffing, we at Workforce utilize the most effective recruitment methods to find the best candidates for technical positions. 

Service Technicians are responsible for the care of company service vehicles and machinery, associated paperwork and exceptional on-site customer service. Many different technical and personal skills are required to cope with the job role, which makes it incredibly difficult important to get professional help to find the right staff.

Are you looking for staffing for service technicians?

A service technician is a skilled worker who can work in various industries to provide services and repairs. Service technicians, also often called field service technicians, usually travel to the customer to fix problems with machinery or equipment which cannot be easily moved due to size or connections to external systems. 

Our staffing experts are here to help you find skilled service technicians to take your business to the next level. With the tools, resources and experience needed to find and recruit qualified service technicians who will get the job done, we will save your company time and money.

Today, many industries experience difficulties in finding and attracting personnel with the right professional skills for their existing needs.

Service technicians: recruitment from start to finish

Writing the ideal job ad, going through all the CVs that have come in and interviewing all the suitable candidates are time-consuming activities that are inevitably part of the recruitment process. We will therefore take on or share as many of these responsibilities as you see fit to save time and staffing costs for service technicians. 

During our long market experience, we have continuously improved our proven recruitment methods to continue to develop in connection with ongoing market trends and industry innovations. Find out how our unique service technician recruitment process can make a difference in your organization.


Important to have the right staff

It is extremely important to hire the right service technician then many technical and personal skills are required to cope with the job role – from specific technical expertise to pleasant customer service. 

We are therefore looking for a technically skilled service technician who will travel to our customers' homes or businesses to perform equipment and machine repairs. The service technician's responsibilities include traveling to the customer and performing routine maintenance on machinery and equipment, installing and testing products, and instructing customers on the proper use of the product. 

To succeed as a service technician, one must have excellent technical and mechanical skills, good experience using hand, power and diagnostic tools, and should be physically fit to lift heavy equipment.

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This is how we help you with staffing for service technicians

We at Workforce are staffing specialists for service technicians and a range of other leading technical positions. Our experts will work with you to create a hiring process that is tailored to all of your business's hiring requirements – our extensive talent database is sure to contain the perfect service technician that will exceed your requirements and desires. And if by chance we don't have the perfect service technician candidate you're looking for, we'll find them quickly! 

Whether your business is in need of installation technicians, sound technicians, service technicians or electronics technicians, we will understand all candidates' skills, experience, motivation and exactly what they can offer your business. 

Given that every organization is different, our primary goal is to fully understand your unique hiring needs. Contact us already today so we tailor our process to your specific needs!

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A recruitment process is demanding and it requires both competence and experience to master it effectively and with good results.