A company is never better than its employees, so if you want to continue to grow and take a place in the market, you need to choose staff carefully. Today, however, there is a great shortage of qualified hairdressers who have obtained their professional certificates, which of course causes problems in the search.
Regardless of whether you need personnel at short notice, for shorter or longer periods, we will succeed in the task of meeting the needs.

Staffing hairdressers

Hiring staff instead of hiring is not only flexible but also financially profitable.

  • You don't have to spend your time on protracted hiring processes, but can instead give full focus to your core business.
  • You can feel secure in the fact that we present people with the right qualifications and thus release the worry about wrong recruitment.
  • You can hire hairdressers on an hourly basis and thus only pay for their actual working hours.
  • You get the opportunity to let the staff work for a period and then move on to permanent employment.

Our staffing contributes invaluable benefits

Do you recognize the problem and would like help strengthening the workforce? Through our staffing, you save both time and money. At the same time, you can also feel secure that we present the right employees who correspond to what you are looking for.

Working as a consultant is a perfect opportunity to make contacts and gather experience from different industries.

Are you outside the labor market and looking for a way in? Contact us and we will help you find employment.
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