Requirements specification

Theoretical competence

What theoretical skills does the new employee need to have? What knowledge does the person need to possess? What formal education is required, and what is more worthy as well as what is primarily desirable? Together, we review what the specific service requires until we have a complete compilation to add to our requirements specification.

Social properties

It is both for the new employee’s sake and for yours that we are careful to find the right candidate for the service. Different workplaces differ significantly from each other. Something we look at daily in our work where we help customers in various industries and businesses.

Personal characteristics

What does the company look like today? Do you need to supplement the workforce to create higher flexibility and dynamics? What personal qualities require the role, and what is best for your business at the moment? We go together through what properties need most, master the service and add just what the company needs.

A detailed and clear requirements specification is what forms the basis for successful recruitment processes. With the help of this, we will be able to continuously distinguish the best of all incoming applications in order to pick the ones that match best based on experience, education and personal characteristics. In this way, the entire process is streamlined while we get a greater chance to present the right candidate matching the company’s needs.